Is an Estate Sale the right option for me?                                                                   

When faced with the task of clearing out an estate the choices are very few.   Conduct Holiday Park Sale aug 27-29 025your own sale, donate everything to a charity, put everything in storage and deal with it later, sell the home with all the contents, or hire a professional company to handle the sale.   The most efficient way which will generate the most funds for the estate and reduce the stress on the family is to hire a professional company

.Why should I have an Estate Sale ?

Having an estate sale on-site will bring in more money from the sale of the personal property than by any other means of liquidation.   Your items are more appealing and sell better when they are displayed in an appropriate atmosphere.    An on-site sale offers the convenience of no packing and no moving, both of which can result in damage to merchandise.

Why should we consider Certco Estate Sales to handle our estate?

We are a full clearance service.   We sell the entire contents of the home and garage, including furniture, appliances, clothing, dishes, pots & pans, exercise equipment, antiques, collectibles, household miscellaneous, tools, automobiles, boats, and all other personal property.   We are a bonded and insured corporation.

What is the first step in the process?

Contact us via phone 231-620-1252   or   email certco1@aol.com   and we will discuss your needs and set up an appointment to meet you or your representative at the estate to review the items to be sold and make a recommendation as to the best way to handle the estate.

What is the fee for the consultation at the estate?

There is no charge for meeting you or your representative at the estate.

What should I do before the consultation?

Packed ShedYou should identify all the items which the family will be keeping.  Don’t throw anything away!!!   One person’s trash is another person’s treasures.  Identifying items that are sellable and items that can be discarded are part of our initial consultation.

 When are Estate Sales usually held?

The sale itself is usually conducted on a weekend, and most often will include a Friday and/or Saturday.   However, each sale is unique and the hours and days are determined accordingly.    Larger sales may include additional days and hours.

What is the cost to have Certco Estate Sales handle my sale?

It will cost nothing out of pocket.   We charge a commission based on the size of the sale, how much work will be involved to prepare and conduct the sale, and how much staff will be required.   The fee is then negotiated between the representative of the estate and the company.

How long does it take to prepare a sale?

As estate sale professionals we keep preparation time to a minimum, usually one or two weeks for an average size sale.   Some sales require more time depending on the quantity of merchandise.   Time is required for sorting, pricing, displaying, and advertising deadlines.   We want to make sure that everything is organized and displayed appropriately before the sale begins.

How will my estate sale be advertised?

We provide an email and sale flyer distributed to an extensive list of collectors, dealers, designers, decorators and retail customers.   This includes a brief description of the estate contents and the date, location and time of the sale and all information will be Melinda & Charles Downey Holiday Wood TC 028posted on our Web Site.   We will also post photographs of some of the merchandise on our Web Site.   We advertise sales in all the local newspapers, Craig’s List, and on the internet.   We also place professional signs in various areas to direct traffic to the sale.   We have a large following, and they contact us regularly to find out about our next sale.

Do I need to be present during the sale?

A representative of the estate and family members are certainly welcome to be present.  However, we have found from our years of experience that it’s easier on the family if they are not there.   This is a very emotional and stressful time and it is just less painful to see items being sold that a family member may have emotional ties to.  The owner’s presence at the sale can be intimidating for customers and, in fact rarely helps to increase the proceeds from the sale.  Many times, if the family members are present, friends and neighbors will try to negotiate with them to get a better price.   It is much easier for us to decline an offer than it is for the family member to.

 Can Certco Estate Sales conduct a sale if I am out of state?

Yes, we have conducted a number of sales for representatives who reside in other states.  We handle everything through email, fax, and registered mail.   Remember, we are bonded and insured.   If you’re working with a local realtor or with an attorney, we can coordinate everything through them as well.   We provide the out of state representative daily progress reports during the sale.

Can family members add personal items to the sale?

Yes, family members can add items to the sale.   Those items are tracked and a separate check is issued to the family member.

What happens to the unsold items at the end of the sale?

We can have a charitable organization pick up the remaining sellable items and issue a receipt for a tax deduction, the family members may dispose of the items, or if there are antiques or collectibles left we can recommend a consignment shop.   The decision is left up to the representative of the estate or family members.

How do we get paid for the proceeds of the sale?

Within two working days a check and a settlement letter are either hand delivered or Our Sign Logo 002mailed via priority mail to the person responsible for the sale.